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Comilla (কুমিল্লা) District


Comilla (General Info)

Comilla District, a district in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh, renowned as a historical district due to ancient important landmarks, such as- Mainamati, Second World War cemetery, Pashchimgaon Nawab Bari, Comilla Victoria College, Shah Suja Mosque, Saitshala Jami Mosque, Viharas and Muras. Many historians and thousands of tourists from the world are attracted by these landmarks every year. In addition, Comilla preserves its ancient cultural sweets, shitolpati(শীতল পাটি), khadi production (খাদি শিল্প), etc. Many historical hand-made productions and practices were lost as the time passed away, yet Comilla district is much richer in tradition than any other districts of Bangladesh.






Division: Chittagong Division
Area: 3,087.33 km2
Location: 21°1″ – 24°11″ North & 90°34″ – 91°22″ East
Border: Brahmanbaria District (north), Feni and Noakhali (south), Tripura (east), and Chandpur, Munshiganj and Narayanganj (west).
Border Length: 106 km
Major Rivers: Meghna(মেঘনা), Gumti(গোমতী), Titas(তিতাস), Dakatia(ডাকাতিয়া), Kakodi(কাঁকড়ী)

Total Population: about 4.6 million
Male Population: 50.2%
Female Population: 49.8%
Population Density: 1,487 /km2
Literacy rate: 60.3% (according to Education Survey, 2001)

Public universities: 1
Primary Schools: 518
High Schools: 90
Madrasas: 359
Govt. Medical College:1

Total Upazilas: 16
Total Unions: 178
Total villages: 3,687
Total Police Stations: 16
Total Mouzas: 2,603

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