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Subamachar Upazila

SubamacharSubamachar Upazila

Subamachar Upazila belongs to Noakhali District in Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. Subamachar upazila was created with 8 unions, Chorojbor, Charbata, Charclerk, Charwapda, Charjubilee, Charamanullah, East Charbata, and Mohammadpur (চরজববর, চরবাটা, চরক্লার্ক, চরওয়াপদা, চরজুবিলী, চরআমানুল্ল্যাহ, পূর্ব চরবাটা, মোহাম্মদপুর). Its quite densely populated area with several mouzas and hundreds of villages. Major crops include Paddy, pulses, potato,betel leaf, chili, jute, oil seed, brinjal, sugarcane, and vegetables.

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