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Rush For Advance Tickets In Bus And Train Counters

Around two million home bound people will depart Dhaka to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with their families, among which approximately 8 lac will travel to Chittagong division. After getting introduced advance ticket sales few days back, a known rush has been occurred in almost all bus counters in Dhaka for tickets. Under pressure of excessive ticket demand, many unfit buses came in front to sell tickets in advance though BRTC doesn’t want it to happen. Meanwhile, advance train tickets selling has been started from August 21 and will continue to sell till 25th August at Kamalpur and Chittagong railway stations. Crowds of people rush to buy advance train and bus tickets everywhere which resulted in endless sufferings so far. To avoid these rush, some people already left Dhaka for Eid. But most of the home bound people didn’t start journey to home yet. In next 1-2 days, waves of people will be noticeable in returning home.

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