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Patenga (পতেঙ্গা) – A Natural Beauty

Potenga, পতেঙ্গা



Patenga beach is a natural beauty spot. It is about 22 km. from Chittagong and 20 km. away from the Zero Point. Potenga is very close to Bangladesh Naval Academy of Bangladesh Navy and Shah Amanat International Airport. Some portion of the seashore is built-up with concrete walls. In addition, large blocks of stones have been laid out to prevent this island from erosion. It is an magnificent place to visit where river and sea meet each other and creates such a incredible natural view which you won’t find any other area of Bangladesh. A monotonous sound of meeting of the Karnafuly river and the Bay of Bengal is very relaxing to tourists. This natural beauty of Patenga sea beach attracts thousands of visitors from around the world regularly. There is a local market beside the Potenga Sea beach. It is advisable to visit Patenga in the winter seasons. Tourist can take pleasure in the bay sitting on the heaps of boulders and walk along the soft sandy beach.


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