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Noakhali (নোয়াখালী) District Facts


Noakhali District

Noakhali is a district in South-eastern Bangladesh. It belongs to the Chittagong Division. The former name of Noakhali was Bhulua. During 1660s, the agricultural works of the north-eastern part of Bhulua were seriously affected by severe floodwater of Dakatia River. To overcome the situation, a long canal was dug in that time from the Dakatia through Ramganj, Sonaimuri and Chaumuhani to change the direction of water flow. After that, in 1668, Bhulua was renamed as “Noakhali”  where “Noa”  means new and “khal” means canal.

Chorbata Steamer area(চরবাটা স্টীমার ঘাট), District Central Mosque(জেলা জামে মসজিদ), Bojra Shahi Mosque(বজরা শাহী জামে মসজিদ), and Nijhum Island(নিঝুম দ্বীপ, হাতিয়া) are few interesting places that you may want to visit in Noakhali.





Birth Year: 1821
Area: 4,202.70 km2
Location: 22.83° North 91.10° East
Border: Comilla (at North), Meghna & Bay of Bengal (at South), Feni & Chittagong (at East), and Lakshmipur & Vola (at West)

Total Population: about 3.4million
Total Families: about .5 million
Population Density: 801.93/km2
Literacy rate: 69.50%

Primary Schools: 1243
High Schools: 35
Govt. Universities: 1
Polytechnic Institutes: 5

Total Upazilas: 9
Total Unions: 91
Total villages: 786
Total Police Stations: 9
Total Mouzas: 946

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