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Monohorgonj Upazila (মনহরগঞ্জ)

মনহরগঞ্জMonohorgonj Upazila

Monohorgonj Upazila is an Upazila of Comilla District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. As history says, Monohorgonj was a famous business place. Some believes that there was a famous pottre called Monohor and businessmen named this area after him. Other believes that this area was famous business place for jute and transformed this area into a gonj. Anyway, Monohorgonj upazila was established with 11 unions in 26th August, 2004.

Area: 166 sq. km
Population (around): 250,000
Population Density: 1460 per sq. km
Total Unions: 11
Total Mouzas: 145
Government Hospital: 1
Rivers: 1
Hat Bazaar: 38
Post Offices: 31
Core Crops: Paddy.

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