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Faridganj Upazila (ফরিদগঞ্জ উপজেলা)

ফরিদগঞ্জ উপজেলাFaridganj Upazila

Faridganj is an Upazila belongs to Chandpur District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is located at 23.1250° North 90.7486° East. It is bounded by Chandpur Sadar and Hajiganj on the north, Raipur on the south, Ramganj on the east, Haimchar and Chandpur Sadar on the west. Today’s upazila was established as Faridganj thana in 1917. Lots of opinion can be found regarding naming of Faridganj Upazila. From authentic source, we became to know that a renowned Muslim Priest Sheikh Farid was arrived to promote Islam in this area long before. Many people argues that Faridganj was named after him. On the other hand, a group believes that Faridganj was named after a businessman Mr. Farid Ali by Jamindar to promote business in this area. And the last opinion is that Faridganj upazila was named after Farida Banu during Rupsha Jamindar period.

Area: 231.54 sq. km
Population (approximately): 380,000
Population Density: 1619 person per sq. km
Total Unions: 15
Total Mouzas: 177
Government Hospital: 1
Upazila Health Complex: 1
Post Offices: 38
Hat Bazaar: 45 (Rupsa hat, Gallack, Gredakalinda, Purba Chandra hat, etc.)
Main Crops: Paddy, wheat, potato, sugarcane, and betel leaf.
Rivers: Dakatia.


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