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Damaged Highways Will Be Under Repair For Next 10 Days

Highways and many roads of Chittagong-Cox’s Bazaar and Chittagong-Dhaka are damaged to unfavorable extent due to nonstop rain for several days. Noticeable holes are visible on these highways which are creating barrier in long distance journey and sometimes resulting in unpleasant accidents. After 2 weeks, people will return home to their family on occasion of Eid. This is reason why Chittagong road department has taken initiative to repair these damaged highways and roads under crush program.

Government official from Chittagong Road and Highway Department (CRHD) confirmed that damaged highways of Dhaka-Chittagong and Chittagong-Cox’s will be under repair for next ten days. As per HRD extra Chief Engineer Ibn Alam Hasan, this program has taken to diminish the sufferings of Eid-returning people and the repair program will be completed within ten days. In addition, the repair program will further extended from City gate to Feni under Chittagong-Dhaka highway. Furthermore, regional and district level roads repair will be started within 2 days as per CRHD. Government officials expects to complete the road repair program before Eid unless there any heavy rain takes place.

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