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Brahmanbaria (ব্রাহ্মণবাড়িয়া) District Information


Brahmanbaria District

Being adjacent to Titas, Brahmanbaria district is a district of Chittagong division in east-central Bangladesh. It belonged to greater Comilla District until 1984. As we become to know from our country history that Brahmanbaria was a part of Samatata Janapada of our ancient Bengal.

The biggest gas reserve of our country can be found in this area. A great demand of electricity and fertilizers has been served by this district for years.  In agriculture, especially in producing rice, Brahmanbaria opened the door of endless opportunity. Brahmanbaria reserves its ancient cultural practices and considered as cultural capital of Bangladesh.







Division: Chittagong Division
Area: 1,927.11 km2
Location: 23.9528° North 91.1167° East
Border: Habiganj(north), Comilla(south), Tripura(east), Meghna & Narshindi (west)
Major Rivers: Titas(তিতাস), Meghna(মেঘনা), Auliajuri(আউলিয়াজুরী), Kalachari(কালাছড়ি), Khasti(খাস্তি), Chinaihani(ছিনাইহানি), Dolvanga(ডোলভাঙ্গা), Pagla(পাগলা), Putia(পুটিয়া), Bolvodra(বলভদ্র), Bolak(বলাক), Baliajudi(বালিয়াজুড়ি), Balua(বালুয়া), Bijna(বিজনা), Buri(বুড়ি), Bomalia(বেমালিয়া), Sonai(সোনাই), Hawra(হাওড়া) etc.

Total Population: about 2.4 million
Male Population: 50.5%
Female Population: 49.5%
Population Density: 1,227.7/km2
Literacy rate: 39.45%

Schools: 232
Colleges: 37
Madrasas: 83
Degree Colleges: 19

Total Upazilas: 9
Total Unions: 98
Total villages: 1,331

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