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Become A Chittagong.com Contributor!

Over the past few months, you might have noticed several brilliant articles at Chittagong.com. That’s because we are constantly looking for new and interesting voices to contribute articles and news to our growing site.  All of our contributors work virtually. As per our policy, there can be four types of contributors:

a) Free Contributors

Anybody, who is registered to Chittagong.com through email list, can contribute article for free. The benefits of free contributors:

  1. Will be eligible to win free gifts programs
  2. Name, Designation, department, organization/academic institution will be published at the end of the article as recognition.
  3. Will be eligible for “Top Contributors Event”
  4. No daily limit of article submission

If you want to become a free contributor at Chittagong.com,  email us your article at following address:

free contribution to chittagong.com

b) Paid Contributors

Please do not confuse regarding paid contributions. This is not something that will make your living rather its some sort of fun income and may give you enough pocket money for your mobile bill. Paid contributors are paid per post. To become a paid contributor, please send several examples of your online articles to me at

Paid Contribution



I’ll follow up with additional questions and details. To maintain the quality of individual, we will not accept more than 5 articles in a week per person.

c) Free Internship Program

This is an exciting program introduced by Chittagong.com. We have observed that students struggle to manage an internship after graduation. You may complete your internship program with us. We are specially looking forward for those freshers who are about to complete their study on Mass Communication & Journalism. However, any other backgrounds’ people are also fine for our internship program. As an intern of Chittagong.com, you have to produce quality articles based on our project. The internship will generally last for 3 months or less. After successful completion of internship, we will issue you internship certificate from Chittagong.com. To ensure quality certification and to protect any kind of forgery of our service, your details will be published on “Successful Interns Board” of Chittagong.com. To apply for an internship program in Bangladesh, please email your Resume at any one of above email addresses.

d) Full-time Contributors

A paid contributor may become a full-time contributor in the long run. A full-time contributor will have to work full day in return of our standard salary scale. At this moment we have no slot for full-time contributors.


Very Simple Rules & Regulations For All Contributors

  1. Register your email to our website’s feeds from the top right sidebar of the website. It will make sure that you are original and will allow us to respond to your contributions. We do not accept articles from anonymous sources.
  2. Your article must be original and unique. We have setup to check if your content is copied from any other sources of  internet. If plagiarism is found, you will be disqualified for any form of contribution to Chittagong.com. The very simple of way of writing original content is to write from your heart; in other words, try your natural way of writing. If you follow you natural writing pattern, there will be almost zero chance of plagiarism. But you are encouraged to research other successful writers’ articles which will not only help you to understand how to produce quality articles but also necessary to formulate your thoughts before writing regarding any specific topic. Suppose, you are writing about “Cox’s Bazar Beach”. There is nothing wrong to google and learn about the topic before you attempt your article.
  3. No attacking articles will be accepted in context of politics, person, and nation.


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