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Bandarban (বান্দরবান) – At a Glance


Bandarban District

Being a south-eastern district of Bangladesh, Bandarban is a part of the Chittagong Division. At past, naming of Bandarban had been quite interesting. As per local people’s folk stories, once upon a time, abundant monkeys were living in this area. And these monkeys used to come to hills’ edge of town entrance path to eat salt. Once due to heavy rainfall the water level raised and these monkeys couldn’t pass the hills’ edge easily. Then they hold each others’ hands and passed across the hills’ edge in queue. The local people noticed this scene and this place eventually got recognized as “Mayokochi Chora”. “Mayok” means monkeys and “chi” means the barrier. As time passed away, the place gradually take the name of “Bandarban”. At present, this place has become Bandarban district. But in Marma language, this place is known as “Rwa-daw Mro”.






Division: Chittagong Division
Area: 4,479.03 km2
Location: 22.20° North 92.35° East
Border: Rangamati (north), Myanmar (south), India (east), and Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar(west)
Major Rivers: Shangu(সাঙ্গু), Matamuhuri(মাতামুহুরী), Bakkhali(বাঁকখালী)

Total Population: about .3 million
Male Population: 53%
Female Population: 47%
Population Density: 67/km2
Literacy rate: 41.06%

High Schools: 24
Colleges: 5
Madrasas: 8
Primary Schools: 219

Total Upazilas: 7
Total Unions: 29
Total villages: 1,482
Total Police Stations: 7
Total Mouzas: 95

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