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Foy’s Lake (ফয়েজ লেক)

ফয়েজ লেক


Foy’s lake

Foy’s lake is a natural beauty of Chittagong division, also known as Pahartali Lake. It’s located in Pahartali, a satellite town of Chittagong. It’s about 8 kilometer from Chittagong. The lake is next to Batali Hill which is the highest hill in Chittagong metropolitan area. It was constructed by the Assam-Bengal railway in 1924 was named after the Railway engineer Mr. Foy. This lake is fairly wide and was built by erecting an edge across a thin valley from one hill top to the another. Geologically, these hills are made of dupi tila formation. Foy’s Lake is regularly visited by many local and foreign tourists. In addition, there is a mini zoo at the entrance of Foy’s Lake which attract more tourists. A high hill near the lake’s edge makes it possible to have magnificent views of Chittagong and the Bay of Bengal. Foy’s lake is a very popular picnic spot among the locals and foreigners as well. Any tourist can spend healthy leisure time in a quiet environment of lake and hills.



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