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Unnatural flood hit Ukhia

Low lands of Ukhia in Cox’s Bazaar has been hit by flood due to continuous rain of four days. River water, heavy rain and hill flood have caused unbearable sufferings. Many houses have been caught under water dam, Aman harvesting has been severely affected, and countless vegetables field went under water. Naf river water, rain water and hill flood swept away hundreds of shrimp ghers. It is estimated that Shrimps worth at least 30 crore taka are lost.

In addition, nonstop rain affected important areas, such as- Mulvita of Ukhia Sadar, Food Storage Area, Land office, Ghilatoli, etc. Furthermore, Dhamonkhali of Palongkhali union, Pondit para, Fari beel, Anjuman para, Rahmat beel were flooded and innumerable home got surrounded by water. Even though these sufferings are acknowledged by Ukhia agriculture promotional officer Mr. Abu Reja and Upazila Chief Officer Md. Zohirul Islam, they couldn’t provide any specific description of actual loss. But it is expected that the situation will be under control after rain stops.

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