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Travel to Natural Wonder Island, Nijhum Dwip


In English, Nijhum Dwip means Island of tranquility. The eye-caching and very quiet environment of this island really justify its name. The amazing view will make you feel very refreshed from monotonous and tensed life. If you didn’t visit there yet, you have surely missed something in life.

It is an offshore island in the Bay of Bengal situated in the very south of Hatia island. Nijhum dwip including Hatiya was merged under water for long time. But the surface of  the islands started to appear out of water in 1972 and our forest department started to plantation there. The mangrove forest, about 5000 cheetal or spotted deer on open land, snakes, about 35 species of birds, and abundant Keora trees are the major attractions of this island. Nijhum Dwip currently has six bazaars which are only places to have electricity from generators. In 2001, Bangladesh Government declared Nijhum Dwip forests as National Park.

Travelling to Nijhum Dwip is sometimes very hard since it depends totally on tidal forces of water. You can not go there by bus or air as there is no land connection or airport facilities. There are two possible routes to reach Nijhum dip. From Dhaka, first of all, you have to go to Sadarghat Launch Terminal from where a launch leaves towards Tamuruddin ghat of Hatiya everyday. The journey may take you 12 hours or more depending on weather and other factors. After you reach Tamuruddin ghat, secondly, you can rent a motor cycle to journey towards Jahajmara Ghat. From Jahajmara ghat, you need to cross a small channel by boat and then you will reach Moktarghat. Then, you can hire a motorcycle to reach Nijhum Dwip finally.

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