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Thanchi (থানচি) Upazila


Thanchi Upazila

Thanchi is a south-western Upazila of Bandarban District in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. It is located at 21.7861° North and 92.4278° East. It is bounded by Ruma on the north, Myanmar on the south,  again Myanmar and Belaichhari on the east, Alikadam and Lama on the west. Here goes few facts of Thanchi Upazila:

Total Area: 2610.00 sq. km
Total Population: approximately 23,000
Population Density: only 9 /sq. km
Unions: 4
Mouzas: 11
Government Hospital: 1
Literacy Rate: 17.4%
Hat Bazaar: 2
Post Offices: 1
Main Occupation: Agriculture, Forestry, Wage Laborers
Main River: Sangu

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