Sonaimuri Upazila (সোনাইমুড়ি উপজেলা)

সোনাইমুড়ি উপজেলাSonaimuri Upazila

Sonaimuri Upazila is under Noakhali District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is located at 23°2.3′N 91°6.5′E. Sonaimuri was promoted to upazila in response to popular demand in 2005. A lot of people from this upazila are living in Europe and the Middle East.

Established in: 2005
Popular Villages: Deoti, Nodona, Amisa Para, etc.
Unions: 10 (জয়াগ, নদনা, চাষীর হাট, বারগাঁও, অম্বর নগর, নাটেশ্বর, বজরা, সোনাপুর, দেওটি, আমিশা পাড়া)
Schools: Sonaimuri model high school, Nandia Para High School ( নান্দিয়াপাড়া হাই স্কুল) Pitambo pur High School, Amerabad High School, Vir Srasto Ruhul Amin Academy, etc.
Hat Bazaar: Nandia para, Deoti, Muhurigonj bazar, Nodona Bazar, Nilam Hut, Banglabazar, Gozaria Bazar, etc.
Literacy: may be around 33%
Major crops: Paddy, peanut, soybean, pulses, vegetables, etc.

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