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Self-help Tips to Treat Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is very common disease in Bangladesh these days due to unhealthy lifestyle, mindset towards situations and actions resulting from behavior. This is like mind cancer which can kill you from inside. However, controlled anxiety is good because it makes you alert toward works. But when it goes out of control it affects body and therefore results into unnatural behavior. For example, when a new fresh graduate who have less grip on his or her mind find it very difficult to face an interview board and sometimes ends up with shameful shivering. What experts says that anxiety is good, but excess anxiety can kill you inside and outside. So, how to control it? You can follow following very effective tips to overcome your anxiety:

1. You can practice scientific relaxation techniques. If you practice relaxation techniques regularly, such as- meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing, then it will assist you to reduce your anxiety symptoms and will boost your feelings of relaxation and emotional well-being. If you need to learn the technique of relaxation, you may join Bangladesh Quantum Foundation’s Mediation program for it.

2. You need to adopt healthy eating habits. Try to eat very well in breakfast, moderate in lunch and eat very less at night. You may try frequent very small meals throughout the day. You will be surprised how this helps your anxiety level.

3. No nicotine please. They boost your anxiety up, not less.

4. You need to exercise regularly. This is one of most effective natural stress busters and anxiety relievers. To achieve the optimum benefit, you need to aim for at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on most the days.

5. Have enough sleep. A lack of sleep can accelerate anxious thoughts and feelings, so please try to have 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep at night at a time. In this case, once again sleep meditation exercise might assist you to drive into deep sleep amazingly.

Feel free, life is short, so you should not allow any unnecessary anxiety into your mind. We came alone to earth and we will leave alone. So, be happy :) .

Take care.

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