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Sandwip Upazila (সন্দ্বীপ উপজেলা)

সন্দ্বীপ উপজেলাSandwip Upazila

Sanwip Upazila is a separated Upazila under Chittagong District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is located at 22°29′ North 91°26.5′ East. It is bounded by Companiganj on the north, Bay of bengal on the south, Sitakunda and Mirsharai, and Sandwip Channel on the east, Noakhali Sadar, Hatiya and Meghna estuary on the west. Naming of “Sandwip” has several opinions among the local people. Some says that it was derived from European word “Sandheap” over time. Other says that 12 Awlia from Baghdad who were travelling to Chittagong discovered this island in the middle of the ocean and found no people. They defined it as “Shunno Dwip” and which eventually became “Sandwip”. And other group argues that “Sandwip” is named after Bakhorganj historian Mr. Beverage’s “Shom Dwip”.

Area: 762.42 sq. km
Population (around): 350,000
Population Density: 439 per sq. km
Total Unions: 14
Total Mouzas: 39
Upazila Health Complex: 1
Rivers: Meghna
Hat Bazaar: 32
Post Offices: 26
Crops (main): Paddy, jute, potato, aubergine, patal, betel leaf, betel nut, coconut, peanut, palm, vegetables, sugarcane.
Interesting Places: sea around the upazila.

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