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Raipur Upazila (রায়পুর উপজেলা)

রায়পুর উপজেলাRaipur Upazila

Raipur Upazila belongs to Lakshmipur District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is located at 23.0333°N 90.7750°E. It is bounded by Faridganj and Ramganj on the north, Lakshmipur sadar and Mehendiganj on the south, Lakshmipur Sadar on the east, Hizla and Haimchar and the Meghna on the west. Raipur thana was formed in 1877 and was transformed into an upazila in 1983. This area was named after Jomindar Roy Bahadur and Mohon Roy in British period.

Total Area: 201.32 sq. km
Population (total): around 250,000
Density: 1195 per sq. km
Unions: 10 (উত্তর চর আবাবিল, উত্তর চরবংশী, চর মোহনা, সোনাপুর, চর পাতা, কেরোয়া, বামনী, দক্ষিণ চর বংশী, দক্ষিণ চর আবাবিল, রায়পুর)
Total Mouzas: 51
Government Hospital: 1 (with 50 beds)
Literacy Rate: 34.6%
Hat Bazaar: 28 (Raipur bazar, Haiderganj bazar, Rakhalia hat, etc.)
Post Offices: 19
Main Crops: Paddy, potato, and jute
Historical interests: Three domed Jinn’s Mosque of 18th century at Kerwa, Bara Mosque, etc.


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