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Privacy Policy of Chittagong.com

At Chittagong.com, we value your readership and put a reasonable importance on your personal privacy. To be honest, this Privacy Policy may be revised or updated at any point of time. Therefore, we invite you to check back regularly to make sure that you become familiar with the most current terms & conditions of our Privacy Policy.


When does Chittagong.com collect my personal information?

You may provide your private information to Chittagong.com numerous ways including:

(1) by providing your e-mail address when subscribing to Chittagong.com newsletter
(2) by providing personal information when you post comments on  articles,
(3) by sharing personal information when you contact us using contact us page. In addition, our analytics trackers may also collect other information like the operating system you are working on, the Internet browser you are using, and etc.


How does Chittagong.com use my personal information?

We may use your information in a number of ways:

(1) The email address you provided us through newsletter subscription form will permit us to send you notification of any new articles on Chittagong.com. This subscription is totally opt-in by the user. (We cannot subscribe you to our newsletter since you personally must have access to your own email account in order to verify the subscription to Chittagong.com).
(2) If you choose to comment on Chittagong.com articles through Twitter and/or Facebook Connect, then we are not in any position to collect your personal email information.
(3) By subscribing your email from our website, you are providing us the right contact you time to time with our own offers or others’ or other companies’ advertisement pitches that may interest you.
(4) Feedburner’s privacy policy goes here: http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/privacy


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