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Patiya Upazila (পটিয়া উপজেলা)

পটিয়া উপজেলাPatiya Upazila

Patiya Upazila is an Upazila under Chittagong District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is located at  22.3000° North 91.9833° East. It is bounded by Kotwali, Chandgaon and Boalkhali on the north, Chandanaish and Anwara on the south, Rangunia and Chandanaish on the east, Bandar on the west. Local people believe that the word “Patiya” was derived from “Potua (পটুয়া)”. Here goes few facts of Patiya:

Area: 370 sq. km
Population (around): 500,000
Population Density: 1351 per sq. km
Total Unions: 22
Total Mouzas: 127
Government Hospital: 1
Rivers: Karnafuli
Hat Bazaar: 28
Post Offices: 19
Crops (main): Paddy
Interesting Places: Musa Khan Mosque (মুসা খাঁ মসজিদ), Kura Katni Mosque (কুরা কাটনি মসজিদ), Kala Mosque (কালা মসজিদ), Mohira Khetropal (মহিরা ক্ষেত্রপাল), etc.

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