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Nasirnagar Upazila (নাসিরনগর উপজেলা)

নাসিরনগর উপজেলা

Nasirnagar Upazila

Nasirnagar is an Upazila of Brahmanbaria District in the Division of Chittagong. It is located at 24.2000° North 91.2097° East. It is bounded by Lakhai and Austagram on the north, Sarail and Brahmanbaria Sadar on the south, Madhabpur on the east and Bajitpur and Austagram on the west. Nasirnagar is third biggest Upazila of Brahmanbaria. There is no specific source found for naming of Nasirnagar. But there is a myth that Nasirnagar was named after Nasir Uddin, who was a warrior of Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) stayed temporarily in Nasirnagar on the way to Sylhet.

Area: 311.66sq. km
Population (around): 260,000
Population Density: 751 per sq. km
Total Unions: 13 (চাতলপাড়, ভলাকুট, গোয়ালনগর, নাসিরনগর সদর, কুন্ডা, গোকর্ণ, গুণিয়াউক, বুড়িশ্বর, ফান্দাউক, পূর্বভাগ, হরিপুর, চাপরতলা, ধরমন্ডল)
Total Mouzas: 101
Literacy Rate: 19.3%
Hat Bazaar: 19 (Phandauk, Chatalpar, Nasirnagar; Shutki Mela)
Post Offices: 17
Crops (main): Paddy, jute, wheat, mustard seed, betel leaf and different types of vegetables.
Rivers: Meghna (মেঘনা), Longon (লঙ্গন), Dholesshori (ধলেশ্বরী), Khoyrati (খয়রাতি), Khasti (খাস্তি), and ও Chikondaniya (চিকনদিয়া)


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