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Nabinagar Upazila (নবীনগর উপজেলা)

নবীনগর উপজেলা

Nabinagar Upazila

Nabinagar is an Upazila belongs to Brahmanbaria District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is located at 23.8833° North 90.9833° East. It is bounded by Brahmanbaria Sadar and Raipura on the north, Muradnagar on the south, Kasba and Brahmanbaria Sadar on the east, Bancharampur and Raipura on the west. Nabinagar is an ancient civilization and was under Samatat. There are a lot of controversy regarding naming of Nabinagar. But since Nabinagar was found in the first map of unsegregated India during British period, Nabinagar is importantly treated as ancient name. But according to local people of Nabinagar, on the day of Eid-e-Miladunnabi, this place was named as Nabinagar. Comparatively, the second naming opinion got many evidence compared to first one.

Area: 354 sq. km
Population: ~425,000
Population Density: 1189 person / sq. km
Total Unions: 21 (নবীনগর (প:), নবীনগর পূর্ব, ইব্রাহিমপওর, লাউরফতেহপুর, জিনোদপুর, শিবপুর, শ্রীরামপুর, বিটঘর, নাটঘর, কাইতলা, বিদ্যাকুট, কৃষ্ণনগর, বীরগাঁও, বড়াইল, রসুল্লাবাদ, সাতমোড়া, রতনপুর, শ্যামগ্রাম, বড়িকান্দি, সলিমগঞ্জ)
Total Mouzas: 161
Government Hospital: 1
Literacy Rate: 20.75%
Hat Bazaar: 28 (Nabinagar, Bungra, Bholachang, Shyamgram, Shibpur and Baishmouza)
Post Offices: 26
Crops (main): Paddy, jute, mustard seed, chilli, coriander, different kinds of pulse, wheat, potato, and vegetables.
Rivers: Buri (বুড়ি), Titas (তিতাস), Meghna (মেঘনা), Jobnai (যবনাই), Pagla (পাগলা), and Bhata (ভাটা)



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