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Matlab Dakshin (মতলব দক্ষিণ)

মতলব দক্ষিণMatlab Dakshin

Matlab Dakshin is an Upazila of Chandpur District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is located at 23.3500° North 90.7083° East. It is bounded by Matlab Uttar on the north, Chandpur sadar on the south, Kachua on the east, southern part of Matlab Uttar on the west. In 2000, considering area and population, Government divided Matlab into two parts in order to manage Govt. offices efficiently- Matlab Uttar and Matlab Dakshin.

Area: 131.69 sq. km
Population (total): 210,000
Population Density: 1577 person per sq. km
Total Unions: 6
Total Mouzas: 77
Government Hospital: 1
Health Complex: 7
Thanas: 41068
Post Offices: 19
Hat Bazaar: 18 (Matlabganj, Narayanpur, Chengarchar, Munshir Hat, Nayergaon, Kalir Bazar, and Amirabad Bazar)
Rivers: 1
Govt. Primary Schools: 64
Literacy rate: 36.1%
Main crops: Paddy, mustard seed, wheat, potato, jute, and sesame.



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