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Lakshmipur (লক্ষ্মীপুর) Facts


Lakshmipur District

Lakshmipur District, belongs to Chittagong Division, is a southern district of Bangladesh. Lakshmipur has a magnificent history of having a military outpost during the Company period and Mughal time. From the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, Lakshmipur used to produce bulk salt and exported them abroad. Salt Movement raised high dissatisfaction in this area. Therefore, local people of this district played very important role in the swadeshi movement, indigo resistance movement, Sannyasi uprising, and Debt Arbitration Movement. During the Swadeshi Movement, M. Gandhi travelled through the district and stayed here temporarily.

This district has a great number of mosques which carry archaeological heritages like Mosque Bagbari in upazila sadar, Madhu Banu Mosque, Dayem Shah Mosque, Abdullahpur Jami Mosque, Jinn’s Mosque, Mita Khan Mosque, Majupur Matka Mosque, Bara Mosque, Tita Khan Jami Mosque, etc.




Division: Chittagong Division
Area: 1,534.07 km2
Location: 22.9500° North 90.8250° East
Border: Chandpur (at north), Bhola & Noakhali (at south), Noakhali (at east), and Meghna, Bhola & Barisal (at west).

Total Population: about 1.6 million
Male Population: 49.21%
Female Population: 50.79%
Population Density: 1,013.6/km2
Literacy rate: 62.26%

Schools: 715
Colleges: 35
Madrasas: 185

Total Upazilas: 5
Total Unions: 58
Total villages: 514

Main crops: Paddy, wheat, mustard, potato, pulse, maize, soybean, ground nut, , jute, chili, sugarcane etc.
Main occupations: Agriculture 35.19%, wage laborer 3.16%, commerce 12.10%, service 12.21%, construction 1.27%, fishing 2.7%, agricultural laborer 19.86%, transport 2.04%, others 11.47%.
Manufactories: Saw mill, ice factory, aluminium factory, nail factory, candle factory, soap factory, oil mill, bakery, book binding, battery factory, Textile mill, handloom, rice mill, flour mill, coconut fibre processing factory, printing press, etc.


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