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Historical Places to Travel in Chandpur

Chandpur is a located in east-central Bangladesh, just in front of the Meghna River. The Chandpur district is administered by the Chittagong Division. Somebody of you may want to know where to spend time in Chandpur if you are travelling for tourism. Therefore, we tried compile following list of tourism places of Chandpur:

1. Historical Mosques in Hajiganj and Puran Bazaar
2. Sunset view at Meghna river
3. Nilkuthi at Shahebganj in Faridganj
4. Dargah at Rasti Shah
5. Kalibari at Meher
6. Shaath Gombuj Moth in Louhogora
7. Historical signs of Nasir Court
8. Moth in Nawra
9. The Lake of Sahar Par
10. Kochua Monsa Mura


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