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Feni (ফেনী) District Overview


Feni District

Feni District is a part of Chittagong division located at southern part of Bangladesh. During major infrastructural rearrangements in 1984, Feni got recognized as full-fledged district of Bangladesh. Before that, it was a part of the greater Noakhali district. Many famous personalities of our country hailed from Feni district. People of Feni are very hard-working and Bangladesh surveys confirmed that maximum people of Feni resides in either Dhaka City or Chittagong City. And a biggest portion of its population working in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Sonagazi Muhuri Project, Shiluar Shil Pathor, Rajajhir Dighi, Bijoy Singho Dighi, and Shomsher Gazir Dighi are few interesting places to visit in Feni.






Division: Chittagong Division
Area: 928.34 km2
Location: 23.0167° North 91.3917° East
Border: Tripura & Comilla (north), Noakhali & Chittagong (south), Tripura (east), and Noakhali (west).
Major Rivers: Feni

Total Population: about 1.3 million
Male Population: 49%
Female Population: 51%
Population Density: 1,299.1/km2
Literacy rate: 64%

Primary Schools: 528
Degree Colleges: 11
Madrasas: 97
Polytechnic Institute: 1

Total Upazilas: 6
Total Unions:43
Total villages: 571
Total Mouzas: 552

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