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Districts View Of Chittagong Division

Here goes a districts based map of Chittagong division:

  • Mohammed Abu Syed

    Dear Mr. Neaz,
    Thank you very much for your efforts in keeping this site up. This is really commendable step you have taken for all Chittagongians and taken the responsibilities on your own shoulder.

    I shall be happy to contribute in technical issues time to time. The map given in drop down button in Travel, I think is not appropriate place for it. Appropriate place for it should be Districts where we give the names of districts. Here, (Travel) we need add some maps or links which can give information on following things:
    * Maps of road networks showing road/transport networks among the districts in the
    division and out side the division as well;
    * A link to google earth and google maps would be more helpful for Non Resident
    Bangladeshis (NRBs) living abroad and wish to travel the tourist places or other
    places of their interests;
    * Maps should have names important places/junctions/landmarks. So that users can
    find locate easily themselves and places of their interests.

    With best wishes and Eid Mobarrak to All!!

    Mohammed Abu Syed
    e-mails: or

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