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Daudkandi Upazila (দাউদকান্দি উপজেলা)

দাউদকান্দি উপজেলাDaudkandi Upazila

Daudkandi Upazila is an Upazila of Comilla District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is located at 23.5333° North 90.7167° East. It is bounded by Homna on the north, Matlab and Kachua on the south, Chandina and Muradnagar on the east, Matlab and Gazaria on the west. In 1676, Daud Karrani’s queen died with the battle of somrat Akbar. There is a myth that Daudkandi is named after Daud Karrani’s queen.

Area: 210.21 sq. km
Population (around): 290,000
Population Density: 1349 per sq. km
Total Unions: 15
Total Mouzas: 186
Government Hospitals: 2
Rivers: Meghna and Gumti
Post Offices: 31
Hat Bazaars: Daudkandi, Gauripur, Alipur, Paler Bazar Eliotganj, Batakandi, Goalmari, Hasnabad, and Shahidnagar Bazar.
Core Crops: Paddy, mustard seed, chilly, sweet potato,  jute, wheat, potato, watermelon, peanut, pulse, onion, and vegetables.
Interesting Places: Trauma Center, Meghna-Gumti bridge, etc.



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