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Companiganj Upazila (কোম্পানিগঞ্জ উপজেলা)

কোম্পানিগঞ্জ উপজেলাCompaniganj Upazila

Companiganj Upazila belongs to Noakhali District in Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. It is located at 22.8750°N 91.2833°E. It is bounded by Meghalaya on the north, Gowainghat and Chhatak on the south, Gowainghat on the east, Chhatak on the west. A thana was established at Companiganj in 1976, later on it was upgraded to an upazila in 1983.

Total Area: 305.33 sq. km
Population (total): around 200,000
Density: 601 per sq. km
Unions: সিরাজপুর, চরপার্বতী, চরহাজারী, চরকাঁকড়া, চরফকিরা, রামপুর, মুছাপুর, চরএলাহী
Total Mouzas: 74
Villages: 131
Literacy rate: 43.05%
Hat Bazaar: 14 (Companiganj Bazar, Tuker Bazar, Parua Bazar, Islamganj Bazar, etc.)
Upazila Health Complex: 1
Govt. Primary Schools: 32
Core crops: Paddy, betel leaf and vegetables.

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