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High Schools of Chittagong Division । চট্রগ্রাম বিভাগের সরকারী স্কুলসমূহ

One of the Chittagong high schools



Bandarban Government High School
Bandarban Sadar

Bandarban Government Girl’s High School
Bandarban Sadar

Roangchari Government High School
Roangchari, Bandarban

Ruma Government High School
Ruma, Bandarban

Alikadam Government High School
Alikadam, Bandarban

Lama Government High School
Lama, Bandarban

Naikhonglchari S. A. Government High School
Naikhonglchari, Bandarban


Annada Government High School
Brahmanbaria Sadar

Government Model Girl’s High School
Brahmanbaria Sadar

Sabera Sobhan Girl’s High School
Brahmanbaria Sadar

Kasba Government High School
Kasba, Brahmanbaria

Kasba Government Girl’s High School
Kasba, Brahmanbaria

Nasirnagar Government Girl’s High School
Nasirnagar, Brahmanbaria

Sarail Annada Government High School
Sarail, Brahmanbaria


Government Technical High School Chandpur
Chandpur Sadar

Chandpur Hassan Ali Government High School
Chandpur Sadar

Matripith Government Girl’s School
Chandpur Sadar

Haimchar Government High School
Haimchar, Chandpur

Haimchar Government Girl’s High School
Haimchar, Chandpur

Kachua Pilot Government High School
Kachua, Chandpur

Kachua S. S. GovernmentGirl’s High School
Kachua, Chandpur


Bakalia Government High School
Chandgaon, Chittagong

Chittagong Collegiate School
Double Mooring, Chittagong

City Government Girl’s High School
Double Mooring, Chittagong

Government Muslim High School
Kotwali, Chittagong

Chittagong Government High School
Kotwali, Chittagong

Government Hazi M.M. High School
Kotwali, Chittagong

Dr. Khastagir Government High School
Kotwali, Chittagong

Nasirabad Government High School
Panchlashi, Chittagong

Sitakundo Government Adarsha High School
Sitakundo, Chittagong

Patiya Abdur Rahman Government High School
Patiya, Chittagong

Kargil Government Boys High School
Sandwip, Chittagong

Momena Sekandar Government Girl’s High School
Sandwip, Chittagong

Cox’s Bazar

Chakaria Government High School
Chakaria, Cox’s Bazar

Chakaria Government Girl’s High School
Chakaria, Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar Government High School
Cox’s Bazar Sadar

Cox’s Bazar Government Girl’s High School
Cox’s Bazar Sadar

Kutubdia Government Girl’s High School
Kutubdia, Cox’s Bazar

Maheshkhali Government Girl’s High School
Maheshkhali, Cox’s Bazar


Feni Government Pilot High School
Feni Sadar

Feni Government Girl’s High School
Feni Sadar


Paikgasha Government High School
Paikgacha, Khulna

Paikgasha Government Girl’s High School
Paikgacha, Khulna

Fultala Government Girl’s High School
Fultala, Khulna

Ramgarh Government High School
Ramgarh, Khagrachari

Manikchari R.N. Devi Government High School
Manickhari, Khagrachari


Lakshmipur Adarsha Samad Government High School
Lakshmipur Sadar

Lakshmipur Government Girl’s High School
Lakshmipur Sadar

Ramgang M.U. Government High School
Ramgang, Lakshmipur


Government Technical High School
Begumgonj, Noakhali

Begumgonj Government Pilot High School
Begumgonj, Noakhali

Chatkhil P. G. Government High School
Chatkhil, Noakhali

Chatkhil Government Girl’s High School
Chatkhil, Noakhali

Basurhat A. H. C. Government High School
Chatkhil, Noakhali

Maksuda Government Girl’s High School
Companigonj, Noakhali

Woskhali K. S. S. Government High School
Hatia, Noakhali

Hatia Shahar Government Girl’s High School
Hatia, Noakhalil

Senbag Government Pilot High School
Senbag, Noakhalil

Senbag Government Girl’s High School
Senbag, Noakhalil

Noakhali Zilla School
Sudharam, Noakhali

Noakhali Government Girl’s High School
Sudharam, Noakhali


Bhubonjoy Rangamati Govt. High School
Juraichari, Rangamati

Narangiri Government Pilot High School
Kaptai, Rangamati

Longadu Government High School
Longadu, Rangamati

Rajasthali Titang Para Government High School
Razasthali, Rangamati

Rangamati Government Girl’s High School
Rangamati Sadar

Rangamati Government High School
Kotwali, Rangamati




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