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Rising Business Sectors In Chittagong Division

In Chittagong division, export-oriented businesses consist primarily of readymade garments, frozen items, leather products, tea, jute and jute products, and various chemical products.  In addition, being introduced with a 20 km north-west part of Chittagong in 1969, Ship-breaking industry has become very potential sector these days.

Almost 40% – 50% of the heavy industrial activities of Bangladesh is located in Chittagong Division, especially in Chittagong city and its adjacent areas, such as dry dock, dock yards, oil refinery plants, cement clinker factories, steel mills, risky chemical plants, cable manufacturing factories, giant power plants, abundant textiles mills, jute mills, urea fertilizer factories, pharmaceutical plants in conjunction with other private sector intermediate size business developments and activities.

When it comes to industrialization, Chittagong division is faraway developed that any other divisions of Bangladesh. And its generally believed that Chittagong division’s GDP per capita is higher than Dhaka division, though I can’t provide you any reference of this claim.


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