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Chandpur Sadar (চাঁদপুর সদর)

Chandpur Sadar, চাঁদপুর সদরChandpur Sadar

Chandpur Sadar is an Upazila of Chandpur District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is located at 23°12.8′ North 90°38.2′ East. Chandpur Sadar is renowned for its famous Hilsha fish, which are caught by the local fishermen from the Meghna river.

Area: 308.78 sq. km
Population (approximately): 450,000
Population Density: 1414 person per sq. km
Total Unions: 14
Total Mouzas: 146
Government Hospital: 1
Upazila Health Complex: 1
Community Clinics: 34
Post Offices: 28
Hat Bazaar: 40
Major Attractions: Hilsha fish
Rivers: 3 (Meghna)



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