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Boga Lake, a Wonder Lake




Boga Lake, a breathtaking wonder of nature, is located in Ruma upazila of Bandarban district of Bangladesh. If you ever wants to calm your eyes with natural beauty, you will never want to miss adventurous travel to Boga Lake. The one of the most surprising thing is that the lake is in top of 1500 feet from plain ground. So, it requires a lot of walking through high hilly land to reach Boga Lake which requires your adventurous mind and body. It is wise to visit in dry season since rainy seasons make it very difficult to walk upward to the lake. There is a rest house near to it for tourists to stay at night. The total area of Boga Lake is around 15 acre. The ole area is fantastically surrounded by eye-caching green hills. There are many myths from local people about Boga lake, among which many believed for long time that there were dragons sculptures  there.

Boga Lake can be a great spot and source of handy national revenue for tourism and we expect Government to take initiative to restore natural beauty of it.

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