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Bagaichhari Upazila (বাঘাইছড়ি উপজেলা)

বাঘাইছড়ি উপজেলাBagaichhari Upazila

Bagaichhari Upazila is an upazila of Rangamati District in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. It is located at 23.1500°N 92.1917°E. It is most northern and largest upazila in Rangamati District.

Total Area: 1,931.28 km2
Population: ~60,000
Density: 30 per sq. km
Unions: 7
Mouzas: 21
Villages: 178
Literacy rate: average 35.7%
Core crops: Paddy, cotton, pulse, corn, potato, and vegetables.

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