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About Chand Gazi Bhuiyan Mosque


Many ancient signs and works exists at different places of Chhagalnaiya Thana in Feni. Among them, mosques, temples, built brick building, shrine, lakes, roads, stone, ancient trees are noticeable. Most of these are built during the reign of Mughal Nawab rulers. Besides, Shamsher Gazi, who was known as “Vatir Bagh” also built many glorious works during his ruling period. Chandgazi area of Chhagalnaiya thana were very famous during Mughal period. Three hundred years old Chandgazi Mosque,  also known as Chad Kha mosque, is located here. Chandgazi Bhuiyan was a renowned rich man of east Feni during Mughal period. Travelling very far from other country, he settled in Matiagodha village of Chhagalnaiya with abundant properties and people in 18th century. Chandgazi Bhuiyan Mosque is famous for its architectural beauty. The archaeological department of Bangladesh is preserving the mosque as a monument.

It is a traditional three dome mosque.  Apart from three domes, the mosque has twelve minarets over the walls in a symmetric style. Four minarets at the four corners have same type of style and other eight minarets amid the walls have same style. Eastern side of the wall has simple terracotta above  its front door.  If you ever visit to Feni, you surely do not want to miss to visit there.


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